Basic Rules of the Gym

Noise and Distraction

Eclipse runs an “open gym” policy, hence, we are more than happy for parents and siblings to sit and watch. However it must be made clear that they must stay away from the mats and equipment.

We cannot accept any children running on the balcony area, steps or around the gym.

It is a big distraction for both coaches and gymnasts. Also we would appreciate it if you could ‘keep the noise down’. Our main concern is the safety and enjoyment for all those taking part.

Time keeping and Warm Up

All classes commence with the taking of the register and then warm up. We appreciate some gymnasts get ‘bored’ during the first 30mins whilst we go through the warm up, stretching, core elements, splits, bridges, jumps and balances. However, this is probably THE most important part of the lesson so may we ask you to make every effort to be on time for the start of the lesson.


Can we ask that all gymnasts please visit the toilet before the start of the session. Can parents also be aware that if they leave their children and they do need to use the toilet we are unable to escort them to and from the toilets.

Award Scheme

We do work towards awards all the year round, due to their own natural ability and the work we have already spent on the basics gymnasts usually pass the earlier levels fairly quickly, however, as they progress the levels do become harder.

We must make it clear that gymnasts must pass the required criteria before the award is given.

Dress Code

The correct attire for gymnastics is leotard or T-shirt and shorts, bare feet with hair tied back and off the face. We do allow jumpers/hoodies at the beginning but they must be removed after the warm up. All clothing should be appropriate and good fitting. Jewellery is not allowed.

Very Important!!!

Can you also ensure we have up to date contact numbers, changes in address and are informed of any medical condition we should be aware of.

   Many thanks for your co-operation.

Eclipse Gymnastics