M4PhotosMartyn has supported Eclipse Gymnastics for most of the club’s life. Initially supplying the club with some still photographs for the club’s first website to producing the club’s annual show DVD every year since 2009.

In 2014 Martyn invested in some professional photography equipment and since then he has provided the club and its members with thousands of photographs to help to create some lasting memories as the gymnasts progress through the club.

Under the M4Photo brand, Martyn has created a special place on www.m4photo.co.uk/ for Eclipse Gymnastics’ photo galleries. This central photograph library is readily available to all club members and parents who have the username and password (available from any of the club’s senior coaches.

Like other clubs in the local area, M4Photo supports Eclipse Gymnastics by attending all of the clubs events free of charge and by contributing to club funds through a commission structure for every photograph purchased by members. In addition, the club has full access to all of the images published on the M4Photo website for marketing and other promotional uses.

This package is pretty unique in the photographic world and M4Photo are proud to continue to support Eclipse Gymnastics and to help showcase some of the awesome work and results that all of the gymnasts deliver.